The Great Conjunction

Just me baby…

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years blogging and trying to keep up on different platforms, across what could be seen as multiple identities.  One was for public consumption which included employers, another for music, another for amusement, etc., etc.

Aside from it being a huge PITA to keep content updated and active across so many places, it also started to seem like less of me, and just little compartmentalized tidbits that never really represented who I am.  Everything started to feel impersonal.  I can’t really explain it, but the Database Engineer was starting to feel like a completely different person from the Artist, the Husband, the Father, the…Tim.

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Adding SQL Aliases Powershell Style

Script it…then walk away…

So once again I missed my post goal. I think at this point I’m no longer going to hold myself to it, since clearly real life has a way of getting in the…way. I ended up getting more gigs and needing to work on music, as well as a huge surge in my consulting business. So needless to say, although I am saying it, I wanted to post but I didn’t.

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Automated restore using Ola Hallengren’s SQL Server Backup

Script it…then walk away…

Greetings humans. This is the second time I’m writing this post because of some wordpress trickery, so pardon me if I make it short. I’m still finishing up part 2 of my first Simple Talk article, while making sure I’m ready for two more presentations, all while making sure I’m ready for a musical performance May 1st. So things are a little busy 🙂

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Cassandra Install Helper Script

Want to start testing Cassandra as quickly as possible? Try using our helper script…

Script it…then walk away…

So while I’ve been doing research into the use of NoSQL platforms to augment or improve our infrastructure, I’ve had to create many…MANY Cassandra clusters. These are all testing and dev level clusters but regardless of their deployment level, the act can become very tedious. Because I’m a firm believer in repeatable builds I put together this helper script.

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