Automated Restore Fun (ARF)

Script it…then walk away…

Over the last a couple of weeks I started reviewing an automated restore solution I had been playing around with for a couple years. ¬†RedGate SQL Backup had thrown some errors and since we couldn’t go without backups while waiting on RedGate support we decided to move ALL backup operations to Ola Hallengren’s scripts. ¬†We also decided to ditch RedGate because they sent us back a list of reported bugs we had submitted and told us they aren’t going to fix it. So in other words “despite the fact that you have multiple licenses of multiple softwares across many servers, we feel your issues as a customer aren’t important to us as a software company.” With that we decided to roll our own solutions that we can customize for our environment…

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Process Count Automation

Script it…then walk away

Reviewing my most recent posts, I realized that I begin my posts with “So…”.

So…, I’d like to try and stop that.

Where have I been since August 11th 2015? Apparently not being active in the SQL community where clearly I wasn’t missed :D. Really though, I ended up taking on quite a bit of side work. When I wasn’t moonlighting or spending time with my family, I devoted whatever free time that I had towards creating music and learning synthesis.

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Using sp_whoIsActive with DELL Spotlight on SQL Server

Script it…then walk away…

So…I missed a February post, but to be fair, I had an article published on Simple-Talk.

In an attempt to not miss March (although I’m working on part 2 of that article), I thought I’d throw a little something out there for anyone using Spotlight and sp_whoIsActive
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I’m the O-D-B-c as you can see

The beast hath been slain!!!

So I’ve been working on a project to bring monitoring awesomeness to various SQL servers, without purchasing more RedGate SQL Monitor licenses and hopefully, without purchasing anything at all. Part of this project requires ODBC connections (at least it has in the testing so far), and during the testing I ran into a snag with the ODBC driver so I thought I would throw up a post in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

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Cassandra Install Helper Script

Want to start testing Cassandra as quickly as possible? Try using our helper script…

Script it…then walk away…

So while I’ve been doing research into the use of NoSQL platforms to augment or improve our infrastructure, I’ve had to create many…MANY Cassandra clusters. These are all testing and dev level clusters but regardless of their deployment level, the act can become very tedious. Because I’m a firm believer in repeatable builds I put together this helper script.

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Automation for DBAs – PerfMon Presage

15_The_Superhuman_GambitI”m a pretty big fan of PerfMon. Most seasoned DBAs are adept with ready it and scheduling out collector sets in order to grab graphically aesthetic globs (GAGs) of information. I’m also a pretty big fan of Alerts. Most of you (if not all) should be familiar with how and when to setup alerts on SQL Server, if not then review this article from Brent Ozar and get alerting!

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