Modul8 Aftermath…

14264924_10154606652263117_8299804740325113159_nWe’ve had some seriously busy months at Beatwarfare with events and performances happening quite frequently. We decided we would just combine April and May together to make the donation seem larger 😀

During Modul8 we were able to raise a total of $300 by raffling off 3 donated modules, as well as some contributions from performing artists! A big thanks to everyone that showed up and a bigger thanks to everyone that threw down for our donations. You can check out the event details to see what you missed!

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The Plastic Pollution Coalition


For the month of March we decided to donate to The Plastic Pollution Coalition. We watched a very well narrated video featuring Jeff Bridges, we stopped and thought about single use plastic for awhile and it didn’t result in anything nice. Double bags from the grocery store pile up on a cabinet drawer so that we can reuse them later to pick up dog crap? Or how about at the hardware store when you buy a single pack of screws…do you really need those put into a plastic bag? It’s not just plastic bags either, it’s all plastics. So we’ve chosen to try our best to avoid using single use plastic products, I’ve even brought a silver fork into work with me and I’ll use that at taco bell later 😀

Sometimes changing the way we do things is hard, especially things that you don’t think immediately affect you, but really check out the site and read some of the information, we have been killing the planet and it’s inhabitants, which may not immediately affect you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part to help make change that is needed.

No Kid Hungry


Witnessing a child going hungry in any country is a very impacting experience. In Bolivia it was always very depressing to watch a child devour bread because they haven’t eaten for most of the day. I’ve also noticed children going hungry in our own country America, and it was even more upsetting. How can a country so rich and modern…be ok with children who only get one meal a day.

Lack of food is not the only problem we are facing, but also lack of nutritional value. It’s disturbing to watch a child express amazement that our home always has fresh fruits ready for anyone to eat. More disturbing are the facts presented by the No Kid Hungry organization 1 in 5 children does not get the food resources needed to stay healthy?

If you are feeling charitable this month, why not help end hunger in your own country, quite possibly something many of us take for granted.

Women’s Audio Mission

WOMENS-AUDIO-MISSION-logoFor the month of January 2016, we donated to WAM the Women’s Audio Mission in San Francisco.

Throughout my life I have been concerned with women’s rights. I grew up with two sisters, a mother and an adopted grandfather. My grandfather was from the 1920s so he instilled in my what can only be thought of as chivalry, which at the core was just the protection and respect of of the fairer sex. Social influence is rough on boys who are not exposed to ideals in a nurturing way so I might have thought that the values I had were enough…

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The Cat’s Meow


For the month of October we donated to The Cat’s Meow animal rescue. I’m not sure what the Eurorack communities obsession with cats is about, but I do share the world’s obsession with cats. No matter how much I resist, I always end up watching each and every cat video that comes across my feed, with a sense of amazement. Internet cat lovers…we feel you.

The Cat’s Meow is a volunteer run animal rescue that saves the kittehs from high kill shelters and the streets of LA. As a pet owner (although I own dogs), I liked what I saw from The Cat’s Meow and felt inclined to give what we could to help. Pet’s are a huge responsibility, and from someone that knows, they are often a responsibility that many cannot handle. Sadly, too many times people get the super cute kittens, and as they get older they become neglected. This is a very sad and common occurrence in our world. The Cat’s Meow rehomes over 200 felines annually, after the cats have received in home rehabilitation.

Big ups to The Cat’s Meow for putting in the work.


The Dreaming Zebra Foundation


For September 2015 we donated to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation.

Coming from backgrounds where the silver spoon didn’t shine all that brightly, I personally relate to this foundation. My parents were not rich, however, they made it a point to somehow get instruments and art supplies into our hands. Whether it was trading child labor for piano lessons…(yeah I pulled weeds and tended gardens), getting me Guitar World Magazine as often as possible which enabled me to teach myself guitar, or going into debt so that I could play the flute in the school band, my musical curiosity was nurtured.

I strongly believe that all children should have access to art and music resources, and The Dreaming Zebra Foundation works hard to get music and art resources into the hands of children and adults that do not have the resources themselves.