MOAR sp_DatabaseRestore

Testing…Someone’s gotta do it

people are talking about me again… o_o

However instead of plots to overthrow my kingdom, or curses that would cause me to eat pie and lose weight, or saying my name three times in a mirror so that I become summoned and forced to bust a cap…instead of stuff like THAT…they are props for working on some code!

I made some new changes and fixed an embarrassing bug in my previous contribution for the sp_DatabaseRestore.  In an ideal world I would just skip the part of this post where I point out my mistakes and explain what they were, however Github does a great job at keeping history so…

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The Great Conjunction

Just me baby…

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years blogging and trying to keep up on different platforms, across what could be seen as multiple identities.  One was for public consumption which included employers, another for music, another for amusement, etc., etc.

Aside from it being a huge PITA to keep content updated and active across so many places, it also started to seem like less of me, and just little compartmentalized tidbits that never really represented who I am.  Everything started to feel impersonal.  I can’t really explain it, but the Database Engineer was starting to feel like a completely different person from the Artist, the Husband, the Father, the…Tim.

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Automated Restore Fun (ARF)

Script it…then walk away…

Over the last a couple of weeks I started reviewing an automated restore solution I had been playing around with for a couple years.  RedGate SQL Backup had thrown some errors and since we couldn’t go without backups while waiting on RedGate support we decided to move ALL backup operations to Ola Hallengren’s scripts.  We also decided to ditch RedGate because they sent us back a list of reported bugs we had submitted and told us they aren’t going to fix it. So in other words “despite the fact that you have multiple licenses of multiple softwares across many servers, we feel your issues as a customer aren’t important to us as a software company.” With that we decided to roll our own solutions that we can customize for our environment…

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Process Count Automation

Script it…then walk away

Reviewing my most recent posts, I realized that I begin my posts with “So…”.

So…, I’d like to try and stop that.

Where have I been since August 11th 2015? Apparently not being active in the SQL community where clearly I wasn’t missed :D. Really though, I ended up taking on quite a bit of side work. When I wasn’t moonlighting or spending time with my family, I devoted whatever free time that I had towards creating music and learning synthesis.

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Modul8 Aftermath…

14264924_10154606652263117_8299804740325113159_nWe’ve had some seriously busy months at Beatwarfare with events and performances happening quite frequently. We decided we would just combine April and May together to make the donation seem larger 😀

During Modul8 we were able to raise a total of $300 by raffling off 3 donated modules, as well as some contributions from performing artists! A big thanks to everyone that showed up and a bigger thanks to everyone that threw down for our donations. You can check out the event details to see what you missed!

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The Plastic Pollution Coalition


For the month of March we decided to donate to The Plastic Pollution Coalition. We watched a very well narrated video featuring Jeff Bridges, we stopped and thought about single use plastic for awhile and it didn’t result in anything nice. Double bags from the grocery store pile up on a cabinet drawer so that we can reuse them later to pick up dog crap? Or how about at the hardware store when you buy a single pack of screws…do you really need those put into a plastic bag? It’s not just plastic bags either, it’s all plastics. So we’ve chosen to try our best to avoid using single use plastic products, I’ve even brought a silver fork into work with me and I’ll use that at taco bell later 😀

Sometimes changing the way we do things is hard, especially things that you don’t think immediately affect you, but really check out the site and read some of the information, we have been killing the planet and it’s inhabitants, which may not immediately affect you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part to help make change that is needed.